Even more greatly moved by the arrival of Spring than usual this year, I dug into the file remembering this early experiment done in the very first year of my printing life. Some feelings don’t change much over the years!


And all at once I saw a crowd – of yellow celendines!

In the orchard and beside Harry Brockway’s sculpture –

before the first mow.

 Frances put up one picture of this lovely tree last time . . . but it is worth seeing it from a different angle – any angle indeed!

Here is a pretty good performance from the Camellia this year.


The clear-up after the descent of the monkey puzzle has taken a lot of time and energy. It produced some sad destructions (but really not many given the size and weight of the monster that fell down) but it also left to be discovered and treasured some remarkable survivals. How many years would a Bonsai Master have to oversee the growth of a Rhododendron to bring about something as exquisite as this?



And finally, I decided to take new photographs of Summer Triptych a stunning work which Sara Philpott made in 2001. Getting it out into the sun was a revelation! We are lucky enough to have a number of paintings and drawings by Sara – some to do with the two books we have made together and others not. Her wonder at, and love of, every aspect of the natural world, and the joys of living in it, are so very close to our own!