A dish of elderflower cordial to share with all those with whom I used to communicate on a reasonably regular basis but have hidden away from for far too long! I am so sorry. I am not going to attempt excuses or even explanations. It is just that this exquisite month has swung the balance so spectacularly away from the horrors of the winter that pleasure in life returns and (almost) some creativity. I am happily battling away with writing, photographing and laying out the second Bibliography and working on a programme of books to print, which may be somewhat shorter and maybe simpler than in earlier years but it will keep me happy and busy and will, I am sure, produce some worthwhile additions to the catalogue.

Here is my OFFICE and my WORKSHOP! Not true, of course but I have to say that a goodly amount of time this month has been spent here (I insist on referring to it as my ‘stately pleasure-dome’!) or elsewhere out of doors . . . depending on strength and direction of sun and other important details!

“Ee says to me . . . and I says to ‘im”