This post is dedicated to M.G., my most excellent dentist. We have been having to see too much of each other recently but I hope that this will shortly change! Last time he carved a new tooth for me, to sit where, until then, there had been a painful and annoying spike. When he had finished, he passed me a mirror.
” Michelangelo. “I said, amazed at what I saw.
” You should see my David.” He replied.

Thank you, Miles!

Here is a little something to amuse him and and I hope others. It is a perfectly genuine Advertisment and comes from an Almanack of 1726 entitled The British Merlin.

ARTIFICIAL TEETH, set in so firm, as to eat with them and so Exact as not to be distinguish’d from natural: they are not to be taken out at Night, as is by some falsely suggested; but may be worn Years together: Yet are they so fitted, as to be taken out and put in at the pleasure of the Persons that use them; and are an Ornament to the Mouth, and greatly helpful to the speech: Also Teeth clean’d and drawn by John Watts and Samuel Rutter, Operators, who apply themselves wholly to the said business, and live in Racquet-Court, Fleet-Street, LONDON.