Today we are happily able to celebrate the fact that the Wizard of our Website has redesigned the ‘front door’ of the site to enable visitors to visit here as well as decide to wander round the more permanent bibliographical vastnesses of the site. You could have a look here. Or WELCOME, if you have just arrived!

It seemed appropriate to dig, once again, into the treasures of The Abstract Garden. With no permission, I here take a detail from Peter Reddick’s engraving to Philip Gross’s The Listening Station which is a very beautiful poem by any standards but which gives, for me, a wonderful image of the internet – a manifestation which I cannot begin to understand but which fills me with wonder. An extract, therefore . . .

. . . or it’s scaffolding
for a vast construction

made of shades of light and language,
girder-work so fine

and taut and twangling you could fold
it all into a suitcase,

early morning, with a sound a bit like rain.