. . . but it seems to have taken over everybody’s lives!

Just as the first lot of snow was showing slight signs of beginning to melt away, there was a grand encore (especially dramatic in this part of the world) which revealed this lot as morning broke yesterday and before the deer and the foxes and the badgers and all the multitude of birds had tramped all over it. Even I had to admit that it was was looking rather magical so out I went to capture a few shots.

All my life, I have had the reputation of being a grouchy old grump when it comes to snow. I have never really worked out why but it seems to addle my head. I suffer from disorientation that comes from a type of sensory deprivation and creative thought (or anything but the lowest level of mental activity, eg filing) is quite impossible for the duration.

Outside, as I write, there is quite a convincing sound of dripping so I am daring to hope that real life may be restored to me before too long and that I may be able to embark upon all the tasks that await the restoration of my faculties.

And I might even get back to blogging . . .