I have recently started to use an app whereby I dictate into one of those dinky little microphones and the pearls of great price appear immediately on the screen of my Mac. It is pretty miraculous, to put it mildly, and infinitely better than the similar package I tried years ago with wildly feeble results – it might as well have been translating what I was saying into some long-dead language.

Anyway . . . this morning I was using the thing to help me with a long and complicated e-mail . . . and it was doing a great job. Suddenly Frances came in to discuss a topic of great moment, namely what were we going to have for lunch. She was talking from the other end of the room and I was talking to her over my shoulder. After she had gone I looked down at my e-mail and realized that I had not turned my microphone off and that the machine had been trying to listen to what F and I had been talking about and had done as best it could in the matter of writing it down. When I had recovered from my surprise at seeing a mass of words in the middle of my e-mail I began to read them. It was nothing less than a “stream of un-consciouness” and was clearly of significant literary merit(!!!) .

On two previous occasions with OSP books I have used a technique involving the cutting up, into units of sense, texts which are hard to understand. Firstly there was The Paradise Driver my strange writing under morphine (provided by a hospital!) and the other the arcane and antique writings (about the faery world) by Mr Robert Kirk, The Secret Commonwealth.

It occurred to me that this technique might enhance my strange Found Poem and so, I think, it does. So, I attach it here . . . just for fun.

Found Poem

time right then
who is the person who killed my disabled
is at one point per headsets below
soup over and in both codes like some Indians
listening to the nice friendly supreme
just slightly home
solid granola sound like a well either we have and we haven’t
had a pizza
phrases are not sure likely to help
and we have a Jimmy while at home as a freezer
Lasalle Alfredo am half an hour Friday
and with some stuff on it
but maybe in relative adventures there
but maybe not amateurs
that sort of ads and
clearly in a tall and Dion mine afterwards
but urgent project it is sold
in the actor puts
and pepper into it but no no harm
no social life
feeling very well the meet his pre-salted will
I think that with the number of we handle Alfredo
we make it in crooked than cut in half
and you have one of my last letter.