Our mower is bust at the moment!

I hate to imagine how Autumn will bring sharp brambles to our upstairs windows as we two Sleeping Beauties are finally lost to the jungle all around . . . but, for the moment, the Spring has great charms to offer. Lady’s Smock and Celandine, Bugle and Violet . . . a veritable flowery mead.

What a lovely phrase that is! It makes me think of Shakespeare and Spenser, the mediaeval garden . . . either the real thing or Pre-Raphaelite versions.

But, in the context of the present day, I immediately think of the paintings of our friend Clive Hicks-Jenkins. So often, if a bit of ground has to be depicted in one of his rich works, it is elevated to the status of a delicious ‘flowery mead’. Here is one – a tiny detail from a large painting in acrylics and I happen to know that he is working on another at this very moment, in an even larger work which will be the centrepiece of his exhibition, later this year, at MOMA, Wales. I will be sure to give further details of this nearer the time.

For the moment, though, I would advocate a visit HERE, in a hunt for more flowery meads and so much more. The site is a lavish presentation of Clive’s paintings and drawings . . . together, of course, with the books he has made with us!