The Arno on a deliciously storm-threatening afternoon.

Everyone knows that I like pigeons!

All the guidebooks say that you keep catching glimpses of the Duomo round corners or at the end of narrow streets. This is my take on the subject.

We kept seeing this one lone egret hanging round in the Arno.

On our last afternoon, when all was packed up (including my camera sadly) we went for a last look at the Arno. There on a little ‘beach’ at the side of the river was our friend the egret. He seemed to be pecking at a bit of discarded pizza floating at the edge. We became fascinated because every time he pulled at the delicacy from the shore, it seemed to be pulled out again into the river. Staring harder into the brown water, we suddenly realized that there was a large FISH (carp, I think) biting hard on the pizza and determined to haul it away from the bird.

That was, sadly, the photograph that ‘got away’!