Over in Dublin there is a very lively print museum where there are inspirational workshops for children and adults to learn about the creative processes involved in the making of a book surrounded by the type and presses collected together from letterpress print shops.


At present there is an exhibition which runs round the gallery above this active print shop entitled Exquisite Editions. Around thirty books are displayed which have come from active presses around the world who continue to use presses such as those on show in the museum striving for the highest possible standards and using high quality materials.
The books have been selected by a Dublin printer, Jamie Murphy, who has his own press The Salvage Press where he creates  his own very finely printed editions.  This is a version of The Battle of Maldon with wood engravings by Simon Brett.


There are showcases for the display and hanging above each is a description of the press involved in the making of the book on show and the details of the book itself. It has been curated with great care and obvious love for the many ways in which books can come into being.
We were delighted that Jamie Murphy chose Angela Lemaire’s A Christmas Sequence which was photographed at the show and put on Facebook so that we may share it with you here.