We went to our friend Charles Shearer’s most recent exhibition (at the Galanthus Gallery in Wormbridge, Hereford, UK) armed with my trusty camera but unfortunately without checking its battery. It succeeded in taking the striking, if surprising, image above – among a number of others which were more or less random in such matters as focus and exposure – before giving up the ghost entirely.

This exhibition continues until 20 Feb and consists of a number of Irish (and some Cornish) landscapes in his unique style. To quote the catalogue: ‘Charles’ work sensitively depicts the processes of wear and decay in a way that seems to raise an unloved and often forgotten ruin to the status of well-loved, stately old gentleman.’

The two works on paper given below are NOT part of the exhibition and were photographed when my camera was properly charged!

I cannot resist whispering to the world that we have been trying to persuade Charles to join us to produce a book for about FIFTEEN YEARS!

All parties concerned are keen but all sorts of things seem to intervene to make it not happen. I am not quite sure why but I feel that the renewal of good intentions this time might just bear fruit. Watch this space!