In an earlier post, I gave photographs of the two printings I had done towards the binding of this new book . . . but gave no clue as to how they would be deployed. We have now had a first sample from the binder and the answer can be seen.

Further experimental work has to be done to perfect the magnet mechanism which will hold the irregular part of the cover tightly against the front board.

Unusually (and to the horror of many bibliophiles, to be sure!) there is no lettering at all on the outside of the cover. My rationale for this is that I see the whole content as being intensely private and wanting to be secret and anonymous. You have, therefore, to open the book to find what it is, thus . . .

First opening of the book reveals printed endpapers followed by a halftitle . . . before coming to this titlepage.

This post is about the binding but here also is the opening that gives the final page of Gwen Watkins’ Preface and the first page of the poem.

It was Gwen’s husband, the poet Vernon Watkins, who said that Black Marigolds was the most beautiful love poem he had ever read.

We have yet to put details (and one of our new ‘movies’) about the book on the website, but it will get there eventually! We do hope lots of people will be interested in this strange but rather beautiful book and, especially in Glenys Cour’s amazing images.