When I showed these photographs to Frances, she said they looked like shots of outer space taken by some amazingly powerful radio telescope and waxed lyrical about on television by Professor Brian Cox!

Those of my dear readers who have been around our Press and this Blog for a time will know that I am for ever being mesmerized by ‘found’ pictures in the world around me. I have captured these in rocks, in sea/sand and sundry others.

These were even more strange and evanescant than usual. All I need say is that I had a job yesterday (in the furtherance of the current printing project) which involved cutting a black-painted board into quarters. Involved in the task were a saw, some oil, a boot (on my foot) used as a vice, resultant sawdust and some water dripped from plants as I was working outside – as it had stopped raining for a miraculous minute.!

It was as I was picked the resultant four boards up from the ground (and a split second before I had wiped their surfaces clean) that I realized what incredibly beautiful visions I had been shown. So I went for my camera and . . .

. . . then cleaned them off in preparation for the day’s printing!