An email this morning from Ralph Kiggell excited us so much that I rush to pass on the message and enable others to see these amazing photographs . . . and others on Ralph’s Picasa site.

We knew that he was working (in Foshan, China) on an enormous mural to be placed, eventually, in a swimming pool in Hong Kong but one image is worth a thousand words and these images simply took my breath away!

This is a comment from Ralph: This is the swimmers mural at an early stage, with some changes to come. Expected to be completed early April, then shipped in pieces downriver to Hong Kong and installed by the LRC pool in May.

Those who have seen Ralph’s glorious Leading the Cranes Home (one of my absolute favourites among Old Stile Press books) will recognize the style here. I am just all the more filled with enthusiastic anticipation . . . knowing that the sequel that we working on at the moment has the working title of ‘Water’.